Full Gauge Controls

این شرکت با داشتن خط تولد متنوع، همواره جلوتر از نیازهای بازار و تمایلات مشتریان خود قرار دارد، به مدت بیش از 30 سال، با برخوردار بودن از محصولاتی که با رهنمود ها، استانداردها و گواهی های بین المللی، ازجمله NSF ,CE, UL و ISO9001 و ISO14001 مطابقت دارند، دائما راه حل هایی را برای منجمد سازی، گرمایش، تهویه مطبوع و گرمایش خورشیدی پیش نهاد میدهد.

Featured Product


Humitech Simultaneously controls up to ten groups of exhausts, in addition to minimum ventilation. It includes a command for two stages of nebulization and one for cooling, also presenting two outputs for the control of the curtain through pressure or activation of the exhausts, three outputs for heating with individual commands, one output with NO/NC contact to disarm the curtain , automatic cooling/heating and two outputs for the alarm . It includes internal memory through which the temperature values, humidity, alarms, output statuses, among other data, is registered at an user definable intervals. Furthermore, it has a USB port that, through the use of a USB flash drive, allows settings list to be recorded on an installation an passed on to another and recorded data to be uploaded on the internal memory. It also includes the automatic pull mode for control parameters by simply adjusting the desired temperature so that all the stages reconfigure themselves automatically. It allows the temperature and duration to be programmed, independently for each phase of the lot. Optionally, the Humitech reads the temperature at two specific points in the aviary, commanding heating outputs.


Short Description: Controller with a natural defrost function through compressor stop and permanent ventilation. It has an output, which is internally commanded by a temperature controller attached with a timer, and programmable defrost cycles. The difference lies in its dimensions that offers better visualization at a distance.
Dimensions: 90x44x44 mm

TC-960Ri LOG

Short Description: Beyond all the features available on TC-900 line, it has an internal audible alarm (buzzer), switch key to turn the loads on/off, digital input for external alarms, internal clock to synchronize the defrost process and monitor the compressor working hours, in order to indicate the exact period for maintenance. It enable to monitory even low current (12/24V), beyond economy set point and internal data logger, what enable for instance recording the temperature variations on refrigerated truck during its way. Dimensions: 71x28x71 mm Application example: Refrigerated Trucks, reach-in freezer, walk-in freezer, Upright freezer, any other type of equipment requiring a precise temperature control and defrost management.

PCT-3000 Plus

Short Description: Controller designed for racks of compressor featuring 4 pressure transducers and 30 controlling outputs of which 26 are digital relay, and 4 are analog (0~10) . The settings of each analog output can be set by the user to proportional controlling of the compressors, and fans (1 suction and one discharge, 2 suction and 1 discharge; 3 suction and one discharge; 2 suction and 2 discharge). It has 4 temperature sensors, which are two for suction and two for discharges. Also it has a dedicate temperature sensor to display the temperature of the liquid line to control the sub-cooling. Depending on the settings of the setpoint ( temperature to be achieved) and hysteresis, these sensors will work, for example, in 2 solenoid valves. The overheating is controlled by sensors of temperature and transducers in the suction line, specially in cases where the compressor is installed far from the evaporator, for example, in supermarket stores. This instrument allows up to 4 alarm outputs ( one for each line ), beyond that, it works in a system with mixed outputs (on/off), as an example, allowing 4 compressors ON/OFF, and a compressor with variable capacity working along other. It also allows configuration of up to 2 outputs for the adiabatic system of the condenser (discharge pressure as a reference). This set provides a better performance and energy savings based in seasons. It operates in independent pressure ranges, from 0 to 100psi or from 0 to 6,9bar, using a SB69-100A transducer, or from 0 to 500psi or from 0 to 34.4bar, using the SB69-500A transducer. It has a serial communication for connection to Sitrad *Included 1 transducer for suction and 1 for discharge.


Short Description: Temperature controller for beverage exhibitors, with programming logics that allow a considerable power saving. Among them, we can highlight saving set point functions, changes in the door status saving mode, cyclical functions for fans, smart defrosting and anti-freeze protection functions for bottles. With an enhanced design and touch screen keys, it features 2 modules, the first is a power module – where the 4 outputs for the compressor, fan, defrost and lamp activation are located – and a frontal module, where the temperature, sensors, door switch and the connection for the programming key can be found. The programming key allows technicians and manufacturers to quickly set the controller and copy parameters from other equipment. The True-RMS voltage monitoring circuit allows you to protect the compressor against sub and over voltages introduced by the local power grid. Through an internal sound signal (buzzer), the controller send an alarm when the refrigerator door if it is open after the configurable time has ran out or when the room temperature is out of the set limit. Dimensions: Frontal Module: 90X44X28mm | Power Module: 128X84X34mm

TC-940Ri Plus

Short Description: Featuring smart defrost, it commands defrost cycles only when needed based in the evaporator temperature, offering higher performance and energy saving. It features an powerful 16 Amp relay to command directly up to 1HP compressors and has an digital input that allows to set three operation modes: open door signal, beginning of defrost cycle by extern synchronism or night setpoint. This controller also has an audible alarm (buzzer) and a programmable Digital Filter which prevents the compressor from constant switches while the door is temporarily open. This filter aims to simulate an increase in the environmental mass through sensor 1 (S1) thus increasing the thermal reaction time (thermal inertia). It has a serial communication for connection to Sitrad. Dimensions: 71x28x71 mm